Laura must decide – leave her family to become a Mail Order Bride out West or spend her life working in the Mills, a dangerous place where many end up maimed – FREE on KINDLE Unlimited or just $0.99 or own. When Laura answers heads West she is hoping for a new life and something better.Owen Wright was a pony express rider. He has spent his life crossing the plains on his horse or in a carriage. Now he is a cripple, resigned to use crutches for the rest of his life and never to ride again. Can a bride help him discover a future?Will he ever remember what happened? Will he find out who attacked him and what it means?Owen is worried that he will not be enough man for his wife, that his injuries will let her down. He cannot see that Laura is prepared to help him recover and he is pushing her away.With the sheriff hounding him for questions will he ever remember?Will his pride destroy his marriage? Find out in this sweet and clean historical western romance that is suitable for all ages.This book is part of a series but can be read alone. If you wish to read the series in order you can find them all here order:On Shaky Ground Starting Over For Richer for PoorerBy the Grace of GodThe Perfect Marriage and the Missing Sister