ALL 6 BOOKS IN THIS EXCITING CHRISTIAN SERIES ARE NOW IN ONE SET!!An over 10.00 value - just 4.99**********************************************************WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT THE CHASER CHRONICLES:5.0 out of 5 stars - By MaxinemaryI'm really into this series. Very interesting.***** FIVE STARS - By Lamb Love all the books in this series. ***** FIVE STARS By northwest mamma The Chaser Chronicles are so compelling to read. *************************************************************THE BOOKS.#1 - CROSSOVERJack Carter has a calling on his life, but it's not to your ordinary ministry. He's been called to be a Chaser. The problem for Jack, he has no clue what a Chaser is. But he'll soon find out, and heeding this calling would change everything he's known, drawing him into spiritual battles unlike anything he could've imagined. Will he accept the calling, and if he does, what will it cost him? #2 - JOURNEYJack Carter thinks he's finally got a handle on his new ministry as a Chaser. Then the people he cares about most are targeted by a Runner who doesn't mind killing the innocent.When someone dear to Jack is murdered, he must put a stop to the Runner before anyone else suffers, and a showdown is inevitable.#3 - DESTINYJack Carter thought he'd seen the toughest moment of his new ministry, but that was just wishful thinking. A revelation comes to light through a beautiful envoy as Jack prepares to face Harbinger alone, and it changes everything.It will be a battle unlike anything he's ever been through, and if he doesn't defeat Harbinger, more than just his life will be lost.#4 - INNER DEMONSJack and Mandy are at a crossroad. The future of Jack's ministry, as well as the Mandy's life, hang in the balance as they must make some critical decisions.At the same time, Jack is to called in the middle of the night to appear before the Council, the leaders of Chasing across the globe.The reason for the trip will end up consuming Jack, and he will have to face the consequences for decisions made in haste.#5 - DARK DAYSA team of three Runners, all older and more experienced than anyone Jack has faced before, are coming after him. These three have decided to break conventional tactics because Jack Carter is now the most feared Chaser on earth, and his death is paramount to the Runner world.#6 - FAR FROM HOMEJack Carter made a promise. It has come time to fulfill it, but the consequences of doing so could take everything he holds dear away from him.However, not doing so, would have a greater effect on those he has unwittingly put in the cross-hairs of an ancient Runner.*********************************Get the 1st book in the Jason Strong Mysteries FREE! WHERE'S MY SON? Visit ***********************************MORE FROM JOHN C. DALGLISHTHE CITY MURDERS SERIES(Clean Suspense)BOSTON HOMICIDE - #1MIAMI HOMICIDE - #2CHICAGO HOMICIDE - #3DALLAS HOMICIDE - #4DENVER HOMICIDE - #5SEATTLE HOMICIDE - #6DETECTIVE JASON STRONG SERIES(Clean Suspense)WHERES MY SON? – #1BLOODSTAIN – #2FOR MY BROTHER – #3SILENT JUSTICE – #4TIED TO MURDER – #5ONE OF THEIR OWN – #6DEATH STILL - #7LETHAL INJECTION – #8CRUEL DECEPTION – #9LET'S PLAY - #10HOSTAGE- #11 A CIRCLE OF FEAR - #12DEADLY OBSESSION - #13DEAD OF NIGHT - #14SHADOW OF DOUBT - #15FATAL AFFAIR - #16DRIVEN TO KILL - #17**********************************************************THE CHASER CHRONICLES (Christian Fiction)CROSSOVER – #1JOURNEY – #2DESTINY- #3INNER DEMONS- #4DARK DAYS - #5FAR FROM HOME - #6KEIKO'S WAR - (Clean Historical suspense)