BOOK 1When two Amish kids find a strongbox full of twenty-dollar gold pieces from the 1800's in the murky waters of Pigeon Creek, they think their future is set for them...until Becca breaks her promise to Jeremiah for the sake of honoring her parent's unreasonable demands for her future--a future she does not want. Greed and betrayal soon replace a friendship as a result of this broken promise. Will their broken bond keep them from learning the hard lessons of growing up, or does their word of honor become so clouded with anger, it leaves no room for forgiveness?BOOK 2BONUS MATERIAL: From the Cherry Orchard (in the back of the book) Being brought up as an Englisher, Jake Fisher knows nothing about Amish farming. So when he goes to work for Ellie on her farm, he makes one mistake after another. It doesn't help that Jackson, one of the farmhands, bullies him and teaches him all the wrong things just to cause trouble between him and Ellie. Will Jackson take his antics too far, or will Ellie find out the truth before it's too late?