Abigail Baldwyn might not be a widow after all& Ever since she received word that her husband, Robert, was killed in the Civil War, Abigail has struggled to keep her Tennessee home and family together. Then a letter arrives claiming that Robert isnt dead, yet he has no plans to return. Desperate for answers, Abigail travels to Independence, Missouri, where she joins a westbound wagon train to find him.Leading a company along the Oregon Trail isnt part of Hoke Mathewss plans. But then the former cavalry scout gets a glimpse of Abigail&so elegant compared to the rest of their hardscrabble wagon community, yet spirited and resilient. Through every peril they encounter&snakebites, Indian raids, fevers, dangerous grudges&his bond with Abigail grows.Abigail knew this journey would test her courage. Now its testing her marriage vows and her heart, daring her to claim a future on her own terms in a land rich with promise.