Sitting in the sun in a small Tuscan town, her boyfriend beside her and a drink in her hand, Ella Hattos life seems beautiful and calm. But someone is watching her. Something unimaginable is about to happen, and Ellas life will never be the same again.Drawn suddenly into a dark and deadly world, one that has already claimed the lives of her parents and brother, Ella is forced to face the unbearable truth of her new reality. Gone are the aspirations and dreams she once had&the expectation of a normal life. The new Ella must be ruthless and unforgiving if she is ever to survive.With the help of Lucas, a retired hitman with his own painful past to escape, Ella goes in search of the enemy she never knew she had. Terrible crimes have been committed&but vengeance will be hers.Revised edition: Previously published as For the Dogs: A Novel, this edition of The Hunter's Prayer includes editorial revisions.